Weight Loss Made Easy and 10-Day Transformation Plan
Weight Loss and Nutrients

Weight Loss Made Easy and 10-Day Transformation Plan

I have been a vegetarian throughout almost my whole life. The main reason is that I never resonated with red meet, and to indulge in eating food wasn’t appealing to me.
Some would probably say I am lucky to be designed this way, but I truly believe that it’s just a point of view. ~
We always have a choice, and one of better choices is not to do things that would slow you down in any way.

#Weight-loss-beet-juiceRed meat and heavy food, fat and oils in any amount, all they do is they block our ability to receive all the great energies and frequencies of nature, and other things that are available around us.

Especially when it comes to genetically modified food–GMO and all variations of it.
The worst thing about genetically modified food is that it completely changes our perception, and ones’ potential abilities…nevertheless they impact the physical conditions, and create fear and ‘not good enough’ attitude in the mental bodies. ~

GMO food is all together part of the Old Paradigm, and it’s essence is based on the principal create fear and separation of ones’ soul, heart, mind and body, in order to manipulate easier. Thanks to the highest frequencies on our planet, at this time, and all the Light forces and beings, this ‘grand plan’ is falling a part, slowly but truly.

I was, and I am always able to discern the difference in the way I feel, after eating each one of the food choices, that is truly all it is. Why would you delay your progress in any way? ~

I had one other problem, though. I had trouble figuring out a great, nutrient-filled Breakfast for a long time … so, I would either not eat until lunch, which was very wrong, now I know. Just to have a cup of Coffee, and purified water in the morning, until lunch 1PM-2PM, that’s not optimal state for body and the mind.

Working on an empty stomach, with just a cup of coffee, and #Organic #Green #Spectrumwater, might be interesting, and somewhat would awaken some ‘supernatural’ powers in you, perhaps, but does drain the physical body a lot, and in the long run, will drain many of the body’s natural abilities to heal, and properly develop, and will use up all the vitamins, and enzymes stored within. Today, I wouldn’t suggest such a habit, at all. ~

When I discovered Purium’s option for my Breakfast—early Lunch my life significantly changed.
To nourish the body with nutrient dense, living vitamins and enzymes, naturally grown, and plant-based, produce, in the first part of my day, I have to admit, I felt ‘I was born again’. This is exactly how I felt.

Solid Nutrient filled organic, plant-based Breakfast, fuels the physical body with nutrients, and gives a very clear, sharp, energy and vigor for the mind—which is to me the most important benefits of eating organic, and naturally grown food, with no compromising ingredients.
This kind of intake makes the whole difference in ones true productivity, stamina, vigor, and overall physical body condition.

I do understand that some of you have been eating processed food out of convenience, and perhaps lack of time, and knowledge to pay closer attention to eating properly. To eat natural, and nutrient dense produce means to boost your strength and power.

This kind of food habit it’s not about enjoying the time spend eating but the effect that it has on physical and mental bodies, also on ones’ performance.
Pay closer attention on how your feel, and you can’t miss the difference it makes to eat nutrient filled food. ~

I can imagine that possibly re-calibration might be necessary to switch from processed food to organic—naturally grown products, and produce.

I trust that Purium has done a great job putting ‘10-Day Transformation-Weight loss’ pack together, since I use 3 products from this package myself.

Among other things, the 10-Day Transformation includes ‘Super Lytes’, which is the natural alternative for sodium and artificial sports drinks. 10-Day Transformation Weight Loss
Super Lytes, supports a re-hydration and electrolytes, and its made from only the purest ingredients, it will:
• Aid in balancing sodium and electrolyte levels
• Contains quality sodium from Himalayan sea salt
• It is balanced with added magnesium and potassium to reduce cramping and headaches

I highly suggest to anyone who haven’t yet, to take a 10-day vacation from processed food, and to experience increased energy, mind clarity, deeper sleep, improved digestion, and one major effect– the weight loss!

On average, one can expect to lose up to 11 pounds and 8 inches in just 10 days.
In just 10 days you can reset your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.
100-lb. in 10-months Weight LossI’ve just received the True Story and a photo of true result by implementing a 10-Days Transformation pack for Monica L. –mom of three. Here is the photo of here before and after.
She says: “I wasn’t expecting anything from the10-Day Transformation pack buy it ended up changing my whole life. Purium makes me feel so good and strong that for the first time ever, I actually crave healthy foods and thoroughly enjoy exercising.  I’ve reach my goal of loosing 100-lb in just 10 months!”

Nourish your body with nutrient-dense, low calorie super-foods and break addictions to sugar, salt, carbs, and chemicals.

I have a $50 off Gift Card.$50 off Gift Card
When you find your items in the online store, and on the checkout, you can enter the code: Wealth33 to receive $50 off the first purchase, and 25% or 15% for your future purchases. This product is at:

I also wanted to add that now there is a ’40-Day Ultimate Fat Burning’ plan, that seems to be more appropriate for the cases like Monica L. or those that are suffering from over-weight issues, it is at:

I wish from my heart to anyone to experience this life in the fullest.
The true way to maximize your potential is to provide your body with proper plant-based nutrients every day. ~

Wishing Love and Success in your good choices for your wellness and happiness! ~

In LIGHT, always Tat Jane

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Our Body, Mind, Spirit, our Temple~our Kingdom
Exercise and Nutrition

Our Body, Mind, Spirit, our Temple~Our Kingdom

LOVE U, EveryONE!~

It is the Memorial Day weekend, also known as the first weekend of ‘summer’—Summer Season‘2018, in the United States. In all other parts of the northern hemisphere it’s a continuous celebration of more Sunlight and longer days ahead.

I encourage doing things that bring us Joy. Where we can feel our hearts and our spirit, expand and reach out more. When we are in a state of joy, Universe never fails to brings us more Joy to follow. ~

There will be a lot more opportunities for our physical bodies, and our Spirit, to be invigorated by fresh-air and outdoor activities, and by being in Nature.

Every time we engage ourselves with a form of physical-recreational activity, we are replenishing our physical bodies, our frequency is increasing, and our spirit, our minds are recharged, refreshed, and more at peace.

What happens is that our cells receive more oxygen, and they start to vibrate, and oscillate more vividly.
They expand and contract. When they expand they generate energy, which moves out, and invigorates our whole body’s systems and all organs.
When the cells contract they produce matter, which builds and replenishes the inside of our body’s cells. This process of rapid creation of energy and matter within our whole body cells, make us stronger and more vibrant.

Also, when the process of creation of the energy and matter is in relative balance, we are healthy and we’re more peaceful.
There is a saying: ‘When energy and blood flow, one is Healthy’ and ‘When energy is stagnant, one is sick.’

So, by exposing our bodies to certain physical activity—‘an Exercise’ of our choice, every day, we are making sure we move our energy within the cells of our bodies, which increases our blood’s circulation and assures the energy and blood flow.

There are many forms of ‘Exercise’ and physical body activities that can help create this desired balance in our energy and matter circle flow.10-Day #Alhlete Program
We have a huge spectrum of choices. We may choose running, biking, swimming, and roller-blading, or any forms of Yoga, or the Ancient arts practices, such as Tai-Qi and Qi-Gong, just to name the few.

First and foremost, we must assure that our bodies receive appropriate amount of nutrients, preferably organic plant-based nutrition, from fresh and organically grown produce with no compromising chemical ingredients of any kind. The living source of nutrients vs. chemically produced is the key for our overall wellness and health.
I highly recommend Purium, plant-based, very condensed living nutrition. Their products have brought my productivity, vitality and focus to a maximum. My $50 Off gift code is: wealth33,  if you’d like to try it. I am always very happy, and honored to share this good news with others.

‘Good Nutrition is queen, and daily Exercise is king, put them together we’ve got the Kingdom.’ I read this once and it stayed with me, it’s so profound.

Maximum Vegan ProteinSo to say for a second pair of ‘our kingdom’, we need a body movement or the form of ‘Exercise’ of our likeness.
All kinds of ‘Exercises’ are appropriate, and whichever one suits our body, mind and our spirit, is the right one for us.

When we are in charge of our physical vehicle, and we’re replenishing our energy and our matter correctly, we are healthy and happy.

Our energy is our Yang, our excitement, our fire element; it is associated with outside parts of our bodies, and our extremities.
The inside of our Bodies, including all the systems and the organs, is our whole body Yin. Most of it is the water element, as we know it.
So, we have to balance our Fire and our Water elements, and this way we balance our Yin and Yang every day, for most optimal health and wellness.

I have to mention that the theory of Yin and Yang doesn’t stop there because, Yin and Yang are Universal principals and laws–and everything elses, in our bodies, or elsewhere consists of Yin and Yang, and they can be subdivided endlessly.
There is a Chinese Traditional Medicine a proverb:
“When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy.”

I personally do several physical activities every day, at least two of which for 30 minutes or so. I suggest you choose the ones, which are closest to your nature; I’ll give few examples with what I do.

I start with the Yoga movements, to stretch my body, in the morning first.

Yoga and a quick morning meditation, for instance, are very good way to balance our Yin and Yang, and help us stay focus from inside out. This works well for me, and its just one idea, you might want to consider. ~ This both can be done in 30-35 minutes time. ~

#Hemp seed oilIf time allows, for the second option, in the middle of the day, just about before lunchtime, I like to do a Soul Movement and ‘Dance’ for 15-30min.

The soul movement is a movement guided by our Spirit–our Soul,
and it can be done with music or without, since some music is always within our hearts and souls.
The Soul Movement is great way of physical body activity, wich balances our Yin/Yang, as well; it is coming from within our bodies–our Yin, and its manifesting through our extremities–our Yang aspect.

As a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner, it’s my ‘dew’ to create a Video, and a blog post, that will explain more on how to do a Soul Body movement—as an instance of a daily physical body exercise.

My 3rd best choice is to go for a walk, in the afternoon; fast (Yang walk) and normal speed walk through the park. In nature, I receive a major recharge and replenishment of the day. ~

No wonder we receive the major renewal while we’re in nature.
The nature, the plants, trees, the flowers, birds, the rivers, the oceans, the Sun, and the Moon, are such an unconditional, and selfless servants, to all of us equally.

All Nature just pours the Love and nourishment into our bodies, minds and our spirit, in no demands for return of a kind. ~ People love spending time in Nature! ~

I wish that you choose the perfect physical activity of your choice for the years to come, and to experience the Love, Joy and Gratitude this weekend, and
all coming weekends! ~ Health Fair Wealth

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in all coming weekends of summer ‘2018! ~  Health Fair Wealth & Tat Jane