Tip #1: Raw Foods

To start the journey with you, and for those who follow my Pinterest boards they already know. I highly advice and share the power of eating the RAW organic vegetables as they’re the only true source of energy, stamina, vigor and vitality.
The organic, raw—not cooked, live vegetables are the main source and fuel for my life.

If this sounds very abstract to you at this moment, I suggest you try the Purium products, to start with and experience the power of live, plant-based nutrients.
Purium products I use for my Breakfast, and they are full of live vitamins, enzymes, they are live, raw, and highly concentrated plant based.
Two beautiful servants, the founders grow the vegetables and fruits, in a rich soils, FREE from GMO, pesticides, artificial coloring and other compromising ingredients. They oversee, the full process, from seed to our tables, and are truly making the difference to many lives, including mine.

You will experience the difference, in your energy, and productivity instantly, just after one meal. ~
My Purium Breakfast (Green Spectrum spoon full, and Organic Fiber mix and/or Power Shake spoon full), sets me up completely until 5:30PM, when it’s my time for Dinner.

To experience the power of live, organic, highly concentrated food, where one meal is equals to 5-6 servings of organically grown vegetables go to: https://ishoppurium.com
I joined Purium to share this good news to the World and have a Gift card for anyone who is ready for this benefit in their lives.

Go to the website, chose whatever foods you wish to try, and on the check out enter the
Gift code: wealth33, to receive $50 off the first order (of $75 or more) and 25% on future orders, if satisfied.
There is no membership or other fees, no joining of any kind required.
It’s risk Free and 60 days money back guarantee in full.

I believe you’ll enjoy, thank, and bless me, for introducing you to this amazing product. Please, connect with me and let me know your experience with it!
You can also read more of my personal experience here,

in LOVE and LIGHT for now, Tat at ‘Health Fair Wealth’