Health is the Greatest Wealth

Health is Our Greatest Wealth

I created this website in my sincere desire to share all the experience, knowledge and simple techniques, that worked for me, and to share the things that I’ve learned from others which benefited my life.

Its all meant to make our physical life more Empowered, Resourceful, Efficient and at Ease. Also we know that when our physical body is in balance, there is a great chance that our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies will be also.

HipporatesOur physical body is our presence here and now, it’s our temple, where not only our thoughts, words and behavior are factors, but also the root of our body’s overall condition starts from inside— so, to say: ‘Fuel yourself with the dreams and the greens is our ultimate happiness choice.’

For the overall wealth that is our health, truth can be put in few words;
Eat moderately, have a mixed nutrient-filled diet and worry less.

There is also, a saying: ‘The human body is the best picture of the human soul.’

‘If you don’t take the responsibility for yourself, the undertakers will take that responsibility for you’

also the ancient proverb that says:

‘The prevention is the best medicine.’

These are all great quotes that tell us to pay close attention to our eating habits first and foremost.

I myself, as a vegetarian since my teenage years, know that when life gets busy during the week and our daily activities; often there is not enough time to shop, chop, and serve your self always a nutritious meal.

That is to say, when I discovered Purium highly dense and nutrient filled organic products, with no added GMO, no pesticides, no preservatives; all ready, just add to purified water, invigorating foods, I experience total relief.

I experienced great hope for my well being and productivity.
Now, after nearly a year of utilizing Purium products in my daily routine, I feel privileged to admit that it made a major Shift in my life.

I was never able to figure out a great, powerful, nutrients rich breakfast, which now I know, it’s the most important meal of the day! ~

#Organic #Green #SpectrumWith Purium I have a choice of Green Spectrum, infused with organic greens that capture a prism of different wavelength of light and energy from the sun and Purium’s farms mineral rich soil. You can experience the potency of the foods with every sip you take.

My next best choice, for a breakfast is the Scoop of Greens, which also is a blend of organically grown greens and whole grains mixture. The Scoop of Greens is highly recommended for anyone looking to maintain healthy blood glucose levels naturally.

I usually add a scoop of organic Fiber blend to my breakfast super meal. This product actually burns fat. A Key ingredient is “Rice Bran Fiber,” which safely and naturally increases adiponectin (the “skinny hormone”) – helping your body burn fat. This high-quality fiber sources formula is Gluten free.

L.O.V --#LIVE, #ORGANIC, #VEGGANThere is another good choice to start your morning right, with a
L.O.V. Super Meal—(L.O.V stands for Live Organic Vegan), that is composed of 30+ pure, natural, whole food organic, plant based ingredients, and the Super Amino 23, meant to Power your daily routine with the pure, vegan protein, as well.

I realized what made the most difference for me:
1/. These organically grown vegetables are condensed. In one serving of Purium meal, you receive about 5-6 Servings of finest grown organic vegetables or fruits.
2/. I’ve realized that we generally do not have the opportunity to take this much, and enough vegetables, or fruits at once, and in one meal.

When the body receives 5-6 servings of living, plant-based nutrients at once, it gives instant energy and floods the body with vigor and with ‘Get Up and Go’ attitude.

To experience something is to believe in something.
I invite you to try and share Purium products with your family and your loved ones.

You can simply visit the website:
chose the products you wish to try
#50 Gift CodeOn check out, enter the Gift code: wealth33 and receive $50 off your first order (of $75 or more), after that each purchase at wholesale (25% or 15%).
There is no membership or other fees; you’ll only have to create an account in order to shop.

There is a 60-day satisfaction money back guarantee in full, with every product.

I am sincerely very happy for all of us! ~ in LOVE and LIGHT for now! ~

TJ at “Health Fair Wealth

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#Raw #Foods-organic, fresh, vegetables-the only true Sourc of #Vitamins and #Enzymes

Tip#1: RAW Foods

To start the journey with you, and for those who follow my Pinterest boards they already know. I highly advise eating the RAW Organic Vegetables as they’re the only true source of energy, mind clarity, stamina, vigor and vitality.

The organic, raw—not cooked, fresh vegetables are the main source and an amazing fuel for my life. Since I’ve started to eat raw fresh vegetables, it’s been 2 years, now, my life took a totally different, and more powerful course, especially in my productivity.

What I realized is, on an average, we do not get to intake the sufficient amount of fresh, ‘living’, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, at once, and in the first part of our day. These living nutrients reside only in the fresh vegetables, fruits and organically grown, plant based, and not processed produce.

I also learned that sufficient amount is actually, about 5-6 servings of fresh vegetables for a meal, that can truly power up our performance, and our body can feel invigorated.

I know it’s very unlikely, and sort of abstract to be able to supply this amount of fresh vegetables, and cut–prepare it, for every morning, or every lunch-time.
This is the main reason, I suggest you to try the Purium products, to start your day with, and experience the power of living, plant-based nutrients in sufficient amount.

It is about in-taking sufficient amount of fresh, plant-based vitamins, enzymes and other content from fresh vegetables, especially in the first part of our day.
That is why when I discovered Purium, I felt truly as I was ‘born again’.
So, highly condensed plant-based, and organic, Purium products have this sufficient amount in one serving, so that was the Key of my realization.

Purium products I use for my Breakfast or early Lunch, and they are full of vitamins, enzymes, which are live, raw, highly concentrated, and not processed, they are pure.
One serving, 1 scoop  contains 5-6 servings of organically grown vegetables that will infuse your body with enough nutrients on the daily bases.
When you get all natural super-foods every day, it changes everything.

Two beautiful servants, the founders grow the vegetables and fruits, in rich soils, FREE from GMO, pesticides, artificial coloring and other compromising ingredients. They oversee the full process, from seed to our mouth, and are truly making a difference to many lives, including mine.

You will experience the difference, in your energy, productivity and mind clarity instantly, just after one meal!~
#RAW Organically grown #VegetablesMy Breakfast (Purium–Green Spectrum scoop full, and Organic Fiber mix and/or Power Shake scoop full), sets me up completely with vibrant energy, mind clarity, focus and vigor; up until 5:30PM, when it’s my time for Dinner.

To experience the power of raw, organic, highly concentrated plant-based foods, where one meal is equals to 5-6 servings of organically grown vegetables and other plants go to:
Daily #Fiber BlandI joined Purium to share this good news to the World and have a Gift card for anyone who is ready for this benefit in their lives.

Visit the website, chose whatever foods you wish to try, and on the check out you can enter the
Gift code: wealth33, to receive $50 off the first order (of $75 or more) and 25%-15% on future orders, thereafter.
There is no membership or other fees, no joining of any kind required.
It’s risk Free and 60 days money back guarantee in full.

I believe you’ll enjoy, thank, and bless me, for introducing you to these amazing products. Please, connect with me and let me know your experience with it!
You can also read more of my personal experience here,

in LOVE and LIGHT for now, Tat at ‘Health Fair Wealth’

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