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What are the Benefits of the Sun and Moon to Humanity-Part 2

It’s the right time to catch UP, and utilize Jan.2019, Eclipse season, to become more of what you truly are!

How the Solar & Lunar Eclipse Season, 2019 Benefits Humanity


The Sun and Moon, the New and Full moon, the Solar and Lunar eclipses, have profound benefits to Humanity.

During these natural occurrences, Humanity, us, we have the opportunity to attain greater balance and alignment within, and with the outside world. There is a great chance for purification of our hearts, minds, and our spirits, globally.

The New Year–the New Beginnings

We are at a monumental time on Earth, with the beginning of the New, Lucky 2019 Year. This year is said to be year destined for a mass Transfiguration. If you look up, in the dictionary, what the word ‘transfiguration’ exactly means, it is a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful form or Spiritual place.
Nothing short of Glorious! ~I will explain, why this can be possible.

Solar Eclipse January 5th, 2019
Solar Eclipse January 5th, 2019

All the New Moons, mark new beginnings in our lives.
The Year 2019 begins auspiciously, with eclipse season, starting with the New moon and the Solar eclipse, on Jan.5th, 2019. The influence of this powerful new beginning will last for the next 6 months.
Additionally, it is followed by the Full Moon, and the Lunar eclipse, on January 21st, 2019, This natural accuracy, makes our full manifestation circle that will last for six months.

The Impacts of the Eclipse Season to Humanity’s Evolution

This is truly, a great opportunity for more of us, Humanity, to become, the better versions of ourselves. This alignment will happen naturally, as a result of the intensified influence of Sun and Moon on our subconscious, and conscious minds, during the eclipse season.
Our minds will experience more harmony, which will cause further opening of our hearts. When our hearts open widely, our talents, and gifts will be able to spring out freely.

Finally, our Cosmic consciousness, will begin to function, through the activation of the portal of Love within us. Our minds will let go of the grip on our lives, even more so, that we can experience our lives through the eyes of love and bliss.

The Sun and Moon~and their Manifestation Powers

So, make certain you have chosen the things you are going to be working on. New, and the Full Moon are always the powerful time, for manifesting, and further aligning with our true Self–our Higher Selves. Keep in mind, that they are intensified, by the Solar, and Lunar eclipse. Moreover, the time we have for our manifestations is extended, for additional 6 New, and the 6 Full Moons.

The Alchemy of the gentle, silver light of the Moon, with its sacred, feminine powers, graces our being at night, and all throughout the Moon’ phases. She reminds us, of our hidden wisdom and knowledge, from long ago.

These cycles of day and night, the new, and full moon its nature’s perfect way to balance all that is feminine, and masculine within our lives.

In like manner, the radiant golden rays of the Sun, which hug and comfort the Earth, during the day; they ignite the fire, and the Light within each of our hearts.

The feminine and masculine , within us, are balanced through nature’s perfect way.

With not much effort just by aligning with this process, and recognizing its might; we can let this cycles alone, heal and re-set our soul, hearts, minds and bodies, day-by-day.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipse Examination

Let us examine, the Sun and Moon in conjunction, when their powers are magnified.
We truly want to be able to utilize the potential of manifestation, and greater Union, and Harmony within us, while the eclipse season of 2019.

If you haven’t yet started benefiting from the magic of New and the Full moon, I suggest that you start from today.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are very ‘old’ Souls.
All three, they carry specific, wisdom, knowledge, and different power within them, and on our lives.
They are each, approximately 3.5 billion years old.
In order to truly dive into different possibilities, it’s good to recognize, and understand some facts first.

Generally speaking, the Sun influences and rules our consciousness. Some people call it the ‘right brain’. The right hemisphere of our brain rules our actions, reason, logic, analytical side of our being, our speech. All of the above is connected to the Fire element, and masculine power, within us–our Yang.

Influence of the Moon to our Suttle Bodies

On the other hand, the Moon’ influence in our lives is associated, and stimulates our sub-consciousness. Our emotions, feelings, receptiveness, intuition, mood, creativity are the feminine witin us–our Yin, the Water element.

Lunar Eclipse Janurary 21,2019
Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

It is also called the ‘left brain’. The truth is, that there is no right or the left brain. Our ultimate goal is oneness, the union, within our being, which includes brain.

Therefore, at every New and the Full moon we have the opportunity to harmonize further our ‘left and right brain’, our subconscious, with our conscious mind.

When our minds hemispheres are in a proximate balance, we can experience more freedom in our lives.
Additionally, when the left and the right brains are in harmony, panial glan produces serotonin, the natural elixir, which stimulates the feelings of harmony, union, and extasy.

Moon Phases and Why they can Influence our Lives

Let us examine the natural phenomenon, of moon’ phases.

The Sun is the Star, very close to Earth, and other planets of our solar system. If there weren’t for Sun, Earth would be very cold place.

Earth orbits around the Sun, and the Moon orbits around the Earth.

The different phases of the Moon, as they are perceived from the Earth, are caused by the different amount of Sunlight that reflect from the Moon’s surface: while Moon’s orbiting around the Earth, for about 28-30 days at the time.

The New Moon happens when the Moon, while orbiting, comes in between, and in alignment with the Sun and Earth. While in this alignment, the Moon consequently covers all the Sunlight, leaving the side, that is facing Earth in shadow. Thus appears as no moon, for about 2 days. Then, the waxing of the moon begins, and New Moon appears. At the time of Solar eclipse, this alignment is more perfect, so is the effect of Sun on our settle bodies.

Due to our consciousness being exposed, and stimulated by the Sun’s impact on Earth; couple of days before, and on the day of the new moon, are perfect times for setting, and invoking the new goals.

In the following two weeks, and the waxing Moon period, we experience the increasing influence of the Moon’. Thus causes our receptive, indirect, subconscious mind to be more active. As a result we are able to come up with the most obscure, and mysterious ways to bring out, our set intentions, to life.

Benefit from the Moon Phases–Real-Liffe Example

Let me illustrate one practical example on how this may manifest in the real life.

Suppose that you’re a writer and you’re writing a book. You know you’re missing some piece of information for your story.
You can sense it’s dormant, and it’s stored somewhere in your memory bank (your subconscious mind).

You may set up your attention, at the time of the New Moon, for this specific information to be revealed to you.

Given that you’re actively working on your story, and while the waxing moon period, the following can occur. Due to the rising influence of the Moon on your subconscious, it is likely that the information you requested will surface. It can, sort of migrate, from your subconscious to your conscious mind, and you’ll be able to obtain desired information and complete your story.

At the same time if we don’t set good intention for our progress; our sub-conscious mind, may reveal some negative messages, memories or experiences that can surface with the Full Moon.

Set your Goal Streight for Manifestation

In the essence, when we intent to bring forth our gifts, and talents, our special abilities, at the time of the New Moon. This is true, more so, for the intention which can benefit others and Mother Earth. There is a great possibility for our intentions to surface and manifest, during the period of intense influence of the Moon on our subconscious.

Scientifically proven, and it’s worthy to mention, only 10% of our brain is consciousness and 90% is sub-consciousness.

This means that within our subconscious minds we carry wealth of knowledge and information. Perhaps, more abiabilities which are dormant and we can potentially awaken them, during these periods of more intense Moon’s, and Sun’s influence on our lives.

Waining Moon’ Phases and their Influence

In the same way, and for the two weeks time, that follow the Full moon–the waning moon time; due to moon’ decrease in size, and her influence, we feel inspired to organize our lives.

It is a great time for revising, altering and modifying what we already have. I noticed a potential to break off the bad habits, and reverse what’s not in alignment with our true purpose and plan.

Many people experience this time to be great for doing spiritual practices, and aligning more with divine, and the source within us.

Final Thoughts

Moon phases, especially ones intensified by Solar and Lunar eclipse can help us purify, re-set and re-calibrate, in all areas of our lives. Surely, if used intentionaly, as explained in thisa article, they can help us align furter with our potential powers, and our highest purpose.

Our consciousness and our horizons, they expand. We can experience clearly how we’re part of the whole, and our connection to Cosmos and the Universe.

Our divinity can emerge, the connection to the Divine, the Source within us, and within others, can strengthen.

This connectedness we live, while being one with nature, through Sun and Moon, are nurturing and are super food for our soul, mind, spirit, our intellect and our physical body.

It’s Magic, Magic, Magic being with all of you, on Mother Earth, and at this time!~


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#Standing Vs. #Seating by the Coumputer #find #out #Why
Exercise and Nutrition

Standing Vs. Sitting by the Computer

Recently, about 3 months ago, I started standing by the computer, while writing, or doing other work on the Internet.
I didn’t want to share my experience with you all, before I was sure I truly, wholeheartedly recommend it. ~

Yes, it is a true improvement standing while working on the computer. I gave it a deeper thought, why is so much more empowering, and this is the summery of my revision.

First of all, It’s the feeling of being ‘on the Go’, and anticipation, while we’re getting some computer work done.

Energy flow is tripled. You feel more connected with Earth below, and the Universe above. Prana is flowing without having to wiggle through the body, so the energy flows, perfectly and evenly, vertically, up and down, as it is suppose to, and its aligned and connected with all Chakras, too.

We may experience our body to feel compact and as one unit!

I realize that I am at least 3 times more productive, and the frequency and energy of my physical body is many more time higher.

I came to my mind when we’re sitting at the desk, while working on the computer, our head and upper body is very ACTIVE, and under pressure, on the other hand legs and lower body are PASSIVE, and not involved at all.

Theoretically, this puts body in complete disharmony.
For those that are not familiar, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Upper part of the body, from the navel up (chest, shoulders, head), is YIN, and lower part of the body, below the nave, and down (abdomen, hips, legs) is YANG.

So, if we’re seating most of our day (8 hours or more),

#Yin and #Yang are #out of #Balance while #seating and #doing #computer work
Besides the disharmony I mentioned, we still have to mind that our spine is straight, and head is parallel to the universe.

our Yin/Yang is out of Balance. We know already that when Yin/Yang is not in Balanced, it can start creating health problems.

On the other hand when Yin and Yang are in relative Balance one is Healthy and Happy!
When we know this simple teaching and its universal principal and laws, we can easily avoid and prevent in this case possible health challenges.

If we are sitting most of our day, disharmony may manifest differently for everyone but for me, and I believe many people experience decline of the energy, and in this way tiredness and possible fatigue.

After just 1-2 hours, I would already be exhausted, and tired, and sleepy?. That is a very short time to accomplish any kind of work, never the less all the work I usually do, that usually takes about 6-8 hours, by the computer.

We all need our energy to be going Up, and off the roof to create the momentum, in anything we do.
So, with standing and working our day out, at the computer, we might FIX this issue, of energy decline.

What I realize, that also happens, while standing and doing computer work.
Some of our mind focus drops from the head, down to the lower part and legs.
We really want that, since our head is already active, and knows what’s to be done, also needs not an additional pressure, right?

By standing part of the stress is delivered, and

#Standing by #computer #desk

distributed to the lower part of the body and our Foundational energy centers, which is super beneficial for well-being, our endurance, and even longevity.

Standing makes perfect sense, since while we’re working we’re getting a sufficient exercise for our physical bodies, as well.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lower abdomen is very significant area for our vitality, immunity and longevity.

Another words, spiritual practitioners spend minimum of 30 minutes, per day, or more is recommended, to build, and develop their Foundational energy centers, for long life and good health.

The body’s TRUNK, whole area from the navel down–2nd and 3rd Chakras, and to the back, where is the Kundalini—this whole area is where our physical energy is coming from.

Can be compered to an engine of the car, but for the human, the engine is the Foundational energy centers, in the lower abdomen,
Our trunk is the foundation for our physical form.

When we’re standing while working, this vital area, our Foundation is developing on auto-pilot.

We are consequently building muscle, the strength, and power in the lower abdomen, which is a place where our true power and strength is coming from.

The truth is it took me about 3 weeks to completely adjust to standing while working by my computer.

I mean for the first week you have to sit for a few minutes, here and there, but after your legs’ muscles adjust, perhaps build up, a little bit,
you will notice when you’ll start building strength in your abdominal muscles, that truly gives an extra power, and fuel to your work constantly.

It feels like we realized ‘an extra mile’ for our productivity, and an inspiration.

So, from Now, I highly recommend standing while working on computers. It made such a big Shift to my productivity, and what I can accomplish in the shorter time span.

I didn’t buy a special computer stand, since I install on my original desk, at once when I have received the idea.

I just piled up two small Yamaha drum cases, they made a perfect height but you can see from the photo on the right,
Walmart makes them, at quite affordable price.
Techni Deluxe Rolling Laptop Stand, Graphite $43.00

I still know, this source of energy and vitality, I am experiencing at this moment in my life, is also due to Purium products, I use every breakfast/early lunch, around 12PM.

Besides, ‘Green Spectrum’ I already shared the experience, I did add ‘Raw organic beetroot Juice’—which is highly condensed beetroot juice. I love beets, and its recommended for building strength and muscle power, and endurance which truly worked that way for me, and my muscle’s adjustment to the standing work flow! ~

#Raw #organic #beetroot #juice

They also make, and especially is good for athletes and body workout, there is maximum Vegan Protein, MVP Sport—it’s additional for keeping the muscles lean and strong! ~ they are both organic, and high quality—condensed plant-based products, so, you truly feel uplifted, and super-vitalized after those drinks.

I am super-in the flow and excited about my work and energy flow these past few months. I am sure lot of this high-positive energies, and frequencies is due to me standing while working and creating content on the computer, also!

I hope you will give it a chance and experience it, too! ~

If you decide to try any of my recommended Purium products, don’t forget to use, $50 Gift Card offer for your first purchase, and 25% off thereafter!
Please, Spread the good news with your friends and family, too! ~

In Love and Light, Tat Jane @ Health Fair Wealth

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A #Breath to #Health and #Happiness
Exercise and Nutrition

A Breath To Health and Happiness

The most simple and the most practical ways, are the best ways, don’t your agree?

Often, the most profound solutions for any of our challenges are just a ‘breath away’, and most of the time, they are in front of our eyes.
So, the point of taking nice, deep breathes in-between, and often during our day-to-day activities, can do miracles in our lives.

The simple and the most practical, it seems to be my second nature and the theme of my life, so I thought that my guidance, and advice might be beneficial to others, too.

The rule of thumb is to Cut to the Chase (to the Core) as much possible, while not losing the essence of something.

So, the essence of something is a first and primal guidance to me, when I am making up my mind about priorities.

When you look for the essence and whether it is resonating with you, you can hardly get involved in a ‘drama’ of some kind.

I am bringing up the ‘drama’ since a great deal of humanity likes to exaggerate, and amplify life’s situations, and different aspects of life, including challenges.
The point, and the essence of something is usually missed or misunderstood, and I find it useless, and it’s depleting to get involved.
It is useless and wasteful to be involved in ‘a drama’, unless you can assist it in some way, and you can help resolve the issue. …

‘The Big Way Is Extremely Simple’ – this is an ancient proverb, I very much follow in my day-to day activities.

Breathe #Consciously & #InventivelyThis brings to mind one of the great and essential things that we don’t use enough, and it’s available to us freely, and it is our own breath and breathing.

To take some conscious breaths and to breathe intentionally, is the most simple, and yet the most profound activity we can implement during our every-day’s pursuits.

With A FEW deep conscious breaths, in-between our tasks, we can bring in Light and prana of the Universe to our actions, which will surely amplify our own power, and boost our efficiency. ~
This is a simple use of a breath and breathing to help us accelerate further, we can accomplish more through our actions, and more easily.

When we do conscious breathing, we’re accumulating the light, and the forces of the Universe within us, that can help heal and transform our possible issues, and help us grow, even more so, if we put a particular intention towards achieving an outcome.

This is something I do during my day-to-day activities, and I know I benefit from it quite a lot, so I wanted to suggest for you to try it also.
Since, I started implementing more conscious breaths, and when time allows breathing for 3-6minutes at the time, throughout my day, I notice that I am more creative, and my energy is crisper and more focused, so to say I am able get more things done.
I noticed I have more ideas, also on what and how to be a better vehicle of my creations.

We’re all very particular, and have unique strengths, and affinities, and only us, for ourselves we can truly know what is the best for us to do, and how to proceed further on our paths.
Our breath and breathing is our own presence here on mother earth, it connects us to everything, and to the higher powers, we are able to utilize.
For us to be consciously taking some breaths, during the day, means truly to be connected to our essence more, and to be of a better service to others, too! ~

We’re sort of giving our bodies some Love and some attention, by focusing on the breathing, so that they may serve us, and others better and more. ~

What I am trying to express, also is that it is good for us to train ourselves to be sort of a vehicle (so as we are a vehicle to our breaths), to experience things like they are happening through us, not for us.

To experience ‘things’ as they are happening through us, and not particularly for us, is the Key to increase our ability to ‘let go’ of something that does not serve us, more easily.
I see that to experience ‘things’ as they are just the vehicles to us, is a good training for us, not to develop strong attachments to anything, but to understand that our experiences are there just to serve us to move forward, and more quickly, and in this way with less consequences.
I hope this little Tip on using our breaths, and our conscious breathing intentionally inspires you to explore the possibilities of your own breath, and what it can do for your reality.
The Light and prana from the Universe will touch your life, so that itself is most certainly the great benefit.

I’d just suggest one thing. When you’re ready to take conscious breathing breaks during the day, start with an exhale first; then take a breath through your mouth and fill up your belly, first and completely with a breath.
After the belly is filled up, push the air up, slightly and naturally to the rib-cage and the chest (spine will lengthen, naturally, it will also stretch the shoulders outwards); after that you’ll notice the air coming to the back of your throat, and stops there, stop it for few moments there; then slowly exhale.
Extended explanation on this particular technique may be find here.

We do the breathing exercises when we are at the appropriate locations, indoors or outdoors, and when the air is clean, and fresh.
Try this simple breathing exercise it may bring a huge difference in your performance, and it might heal you, where you needed the most.

Pure #Hemp Seed-OilMay this Summer bring us lots of opportunities to consciously breathe the fresh air, the light, and the prana from the universe that is available to us, freely.

May we nourish our souls, hearts, minds and bodies to the rim, and experience our lives in the fullest! ~ ~ ~

Do not forget to check out the ‘Purium products, and a Gift Card (on the side bar), they too have assisted my performance, creativity, and they have accelerated my life to the next level. I am truly Grateful! ~

In LOVE and LIGHT, always ~ TJ


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Love, LOVE, LoVe! ~ ~ ~



Weight Loss Made Easy and 10-Day Transformation Plan
Weight Loss and Nutrients

Weight Loss Made Easy and 10-Day Transformation Plan

I have been a vegetarian throughout almost my whole life. The main reason is that I never resonated with red meet, and to indulge in eating food wasn’t appealing to me.
Some would probably say I am lucky to be designed this way, but I truly believe that it’s just a point of view. ~
We always have a choice, and one of better choices is not to do things that would slow you down in any way.

#Weight-loss-beet-juiceRed meat and heavy food, fat and oils in any amount, all they do is they block our ability to receive all the great energies and frequencies of nature, and other things that are available around us.

Especially when it comes to genetically modified food–GMO and all variations of it.
The worst thing about genetically modified food is that it completely changes our perception, and ones’ potential abilities…nevertheless they impact the physical conditions, and create fear and ‘not good enough’ attitude in the mental bodies. ~

GMO food is all together part of the Old Paradigm, and it’s essence is based on the principal create fear and separation of ones’ soul, heart, mind and body, in order to manipulate easier. Thanks to the highest frequencies on our planet, at this time, and all the Light forces and beings, this ‘grand plan’ is falling a part, slowly but truly.

I was, and I am always able to discern the difference in the way I feel, after eating each one of the food choices, that is truly all it is. Why would you delay your progress in any way? ~

I had one other problem, though. I had trouble figuring out a great, nutrient-filled Breakfast for a long time … so, I would either not eat until lunch, which was very wrong, now I know. Just to have a cup of Coffee, and purified water in the morning, until lunch 1PM-2PM, that’s not optimal state for body and the mind.

Working on an empty stomach, with just a cup of coffee, and #Organic #Green #Spectrumwater, might be interesting, and somewhat would awaken some ‘supernatural’ powers in you, perhaps, but does drain the physical body a lot, and in the long run, will drain many of the body’s natural abilities to heal, and properly develop, and will use up all the vitamins, and enzymes stored within. Today, I wouldn’t suggest such a habit, at all. ~

When I discovered Purium’s option for my Breakfast—early Lunch my life significantly changed.
To nourish the body with nutrient dense, living vitamins and enzymes, naturally grown, and plant-based, produce, in the first part of my day, I have to admit, I felt ‘I was born again’. This is exactly how I felt.

Solid Nutrient filled organic, plant-based Breakfast, fuels the physical body with nutrients, and gives a very clear, sharp, energy and vigor for the mind—which is to me the most important benefits of eating organic, and naturally grown food, with no compromising ingredients.
This kind of intake makes the whole difference in ones true productivity, stamina, vigor, and overall physical body condition.

I do understand that some of you have been eating processed food out of convenience, and perhaps lack of time, and knowledge to pay closer attention to eating properly. To eat natural, and nutrient dense produce means to boost your strength and power.

This kind of food habit it’s not about enjoying the time spend eating but the effect that it has on physical and mental bodies, also on ones’ performance.
Pay closer attention on how your feel, and you can’t miss the difference it makes to eat nutrient filled food. ~

I can imagine that possibly re-calibration might be necessary to switch from processed food to organic—naturally grown products, and produce.

I trust that Purium has done a great job putting ‘10-Day Transformation-Weight loss’ pack together, since I use 3 products from this package myself.

Among other things, the 10-Day Transformation includes ‘Super Lytes’, which is the natural alternative for sodium and artificial sports drinks. 10-Day Transformation Weight Loss
Super Lytes, supports a re-hydration and electrolytes, and its made from only the purest ingredients, it will:
• Aid in balancing sodium and electrolyte levels
• Contains quality sodium from Himalayan sea salt
• It is balanced with added magnesium and potassium to reduce cramping and headaches

I highly suggest to anyone who haven’t yet, to take a 10-day vacation from processed food, and to experience increased energy, mind clarity, deeper sleep, improved digestion, and one major effect– the weight loss!

On average, one can expect to lose up to 11 pounds and 8 inches in just 10 days.
In just 10 days you can reset your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.
100-lb. in 10-months Weight LossI’ve just received the True Story and a photo of true result by implementing a 10-Days Transformation pack for Monica L. –mom of three. Here is the photo of here before and after.
She says: “I wasn’t expecting anything from the10-Day Transformation pack buy it ended up changing my whole life. Purium makes me feel so good and strong that for the first time ever, I actually crave healthy foods and thoroughly enjoy exercising.  I’ve reach my goal of loosing 100-lb in just 10 months!”

Nourish your body with nutrient-dense, low calorie super-foods and break addictions to sugar, salt, carbs, and chemicals.

I have a $50 off Gift Card.$50 off Gift Card
When you find your items in the online store, and on the checkout, you can enter the code: Wealth33 to receive $50 off the first purchase, and 25% or 15% for your future purchases. This product is at:

I also wanted to add that now there is a ’40-Day Ultimate Fat Burning’ plan, that seems to be more appropriate for the cases like Monica L. or those that are suffering from over-weight issues, it is at:

I wish from my heart to anyone to experience this life in the fullest.
The true way to maximize your potential is to provide your body with proper plant-based nutrients every day. ~

Wishing Love and Success in your good choices for your wellness and happiness! ~

In LIGHT, always Tat Jane

#Posting in #FB --Make #Money

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Our Body, Mind, Spirit, our Temple~our Kingdom
Exercise and Nutrition

Our Body, Mind, Spirit, our Temple~Our Kingdom

LOVE U, EveryONE!~

It is the Memorial Day weekend, also known as the first weekend of ‘summer’—Summer Season‘2018, in the United States. In all other parts of the northern hemisphere it’s a continuous celebration of more Sunlight and longer days ahead.

I encourage doing things that bring us Joy. Where we can feel our hearts and our spirit, expand and reach out more. When we are in a state of joy, Universe never fails to brings us more Joy to follow. ~

There will be a lot more opportunities for our physical bodies, and our Spirit, to be invigorated by fresh-air and outdoor activities, and by being in Nature.

Every time we engage ourselves with a form of physical-recreational activity, we are replenishing our physical bodies, our frequency is increasing, and our spirit, our minds are recharged, refreshed, and more at peace.

What happens is that our cells receive more oxygen, and they start to vibrate, and oscillate more vividly.
They expand and contract. When they expand they generate energy, which moves out, and invigorates our whole body’s systems and all organs.
When the cells contract they produce matter, which builds and replenishes the inside of our body’s cells. This process of rapid creation of energy and matter within our whole body cells, make us stronger and more vibrant.

Also, when the process of creation of the energy and matter is in relative balance, we are healthy and we’re more peaceful.
There is a saying: ‘When energy and blood flow, one is Healthy’ and ‘When energy is stagnant, one is sick.’

So, by exposing our bodies to certain physical activity—‘an Exercise’ of our choice, every day, we are making sure we move our energy within the cells of our bodies, which increases our blood’s circulation and assures the energy and blood flow.

There are many forms of ‘Exercise’ and physical body activities that can help create this desired balance in our energy and matter circle flow.10-Day #Alhlete Program
We have a huge spectrum of choices. We may choose running, biking, swimming, and roller-blading, or any forms of Yoga, or the Ancient arts practices, such as Tai-Qi and Qi-Gong, just to name the few.

First and foremost, we must assure that our bodies receive appropriate amount of nutrients, preferably organic plant-based nutrition, from fresh and organically grown produce with no compromising chemical ingredients of any kind. The living source of nutrients vs. chemically produced is the key for our overall wellness and health.
I highly recommend Purium, plant-based, very condensed living nutrition. Their products have brought my productivity, vitality and focus to a maximum. My $50 Off gift code is: wealth33,  if you’d like to try it. I am always very happy, and honored to share this good news with others.

‘Good Nutrition is queen, and daily Exercise is king, put them together we’ve got the Kingdom.’ I read this once and it stayed with me, it’s so profound.

Maximum Vegan ProteinSo to say for a second pair of ‘our kingdom’, we need a body movement or the form of ‘Exercise’ of our likeness.
All kinds of ‘Exercises’ are appropriate, and whichever one suits our body, mind and our spirit, is the right one for us.

When we are in charge of our physical vehicle, and we’re replenishing our energy and our matter correctly, we are healthy and happy.

Our energy is our Yang, our excitement, our fire element; it is associated with outside parts of our bodies, and our extremities.
The inside of our Bodies, including all the systems and the organs, is our whole body Yin. Most of it is the water element, as we know it.
So, we have to balance our Fire and our Water elements, and this way we balance our Yin and Yang every day, for most optimal health and wellness.

I have to mention that the theory of Yin and Yang doesn’t stop there because, Yin and Yang are Universal principals and laws–and everything elses, in our bodies, or elsewhere consists of Yin and Yang, and they can be subdivided endlessly.
There is a Chinese Traditional Medicine a proverb:
“When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy.”

I personally do several physical activities every day, at least two of which for 30 minutes or so. I suggest you choose the ones, which are closest to your nature; I’ll give few examples with what I do.

I start with the Yoga movements, to stretch my body, in the morning first.

Yoga and a quick morning meditation, for instance, are very good way to balance our Yin and Yang, and help us stay focus from inside out. This works well for me, and its just one idea, you might want to consider. ~ This both can be done in 30-35 minutes time. ~

#Hemp seed oilIf time allows, for the second option, in the middle of the day, just about before lunchtime, I like to do a Soul Movement and ‘Dance’ for 15-30min.

The soul movement is a movement guided by our Spirit–our Soul,
and it can be done with music or without, since some music is always within our hearts and souls.
The Soul Movement is great way of physical body activity, wich balances our Yin/Yang, as well; it is coming from within our bodies–our Yin, and its manifesting through our extremities–our Yang aspect.

As a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner, it’s my ‘dew’ to create a Video, and a blog post, that will explain more on how to do a Soul Body movement—as an instance of a daily physical body exercise.

My 3rd best choice is to go for a walk, in the afternoon; fast (Yang walk) and normal speed walk through the park. In nature, I receive a major recharge and replenishment of the day. ~

No wonder we receive the major renewal while we’re in nature.
The nature, the plants, trees, the flowers, birds, the rivers, the oceans, the Sun, and the Moon, are such an unconditional, and selfless servants, to all of us equally.

All Nature just pours the Love and nourishment into our bodies, minds and our spirit, in no demands for return of a kind. ~ People love spending time in Nature! ~

I wish that you choose the perfect physical activity of your choice for the years to come, and to experience the Love, Joy and Gratitude this weekend, and
all coming weekends! ~ Health Fair Wealth

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in all coming weekends of summer ‘2018! ~  Health Fair Wealth & Tat Jane

#PLU #Organic produce
Greens and Organics

PLU # for Produce & More on Organics

LOVE U, EveryONE! ~
I’ve noticed that many people are still not familiar and perceptive to a difference between an organically grown, and made products PLU#–Digital Codes from other products.
To make it easier tPLU# for #vegetable, #fruits and #produceo tell wich products are which:
Produce with PLU# 5 Digit starting with #92376 are organically grown.
Produce with PLU# 5 Digit starting with #83490 are GMO or Genetically Modified.
Produce with PLU# 4 Digit starting with #3…. or #4…. are Commercial Grade –Conventionally grown.
Maybe this seizing up can help. ~

I have not yet shared all the details of my ‘secret’ of having a Powerful, super-nutrient condensed organically grown vegetables and plant-based meals daily, for my breakfast and/or light dinner. ~
To make a super powerful meal what I do is:
– In Purium’s Green Spectrum, which is a blend of organically grown GREEN Vegetables mix, I add 1-2 scoops of Green Spectrum with 1/2 glass of plain-organic Soy Beverage, and#Organic Soy Beverage 1/2 a glass of purified water, and mix it. This is for the 8oz -12oz blend–meal.
– I add few oz. of Rolled Raw Oats to the mix, just to make the drink more potent and it’s great for your stomach. I find Green drinks to#Organic Raw #Oats be cleansing but without grains, sort of washing the stomach. So, by adding just an even one oz. of Raw Oats this wouldn’t happen.
Also, I add the chopped fresh ginger root, about 1.5’ to the mixture.
#organic #ginger rootThese together makes a powerful, high on nutrient rich blend, that not only gives you an amazing strength, mind clarity, and ‘get up and GO’ attitude but also keeps your stomach full, and satiates your need for food, up until dinner time. ~ This is my little secret to make out of a potential Drink or ‘shake’, a real meal, which Purium products are indeed, because of their high density, and amounts of Vegetables, and plant-based nutrients they are made of.

Average scoop of ‘Green Spectrum’ or ‘Scoop of Greens’, and or any of the ‘3 Core’ product Power Shakes, contain 5-6 Servings of Fresh Vegetables in them.
I researched the Purium products thoroughly, before I added them to my daily eating regime.
How Purium products can consist of LIVE vitamins, enzymes, and other plant-based nutrients, although in the Powder form? ~
‘Purium’s produce–vegetables, fruits and other plant-based ingrediants, which all products are made of,  are carefully organically grown on a rich soil, and on ‘Purium’s farms. All produce are solely grown by ‘Purium’, and are organically grown.

When the produce reaches the highest potency, they’ve been chopped and ‘COLD AIR DRIED’ on 85 degrees Fahrenheit . This way no vitamins, or enzymes, and other nutrients are lost in the process, and they can have a longer shelf life without the need of additional chemicals and additives to preserve them. This is the Purium’s– PATTERN and ‘secret’ of the potency of their products. ~
I benefited from their foods greatly, and I invite you to try Purium products and experience the power yourself.
#50 Gift Code I have $50 dollars Gift cards for the first purchases, of $75 or more, after the first purchase with this code you’ll have 25% or 15%OFF every time you shop in the future.~~

You’ll be nourished and empowered for your life and your productivity, efficiency, and focus will increase your overall health and wellbeing! ~ Enjoy! ~ ~ ~
in LoVe and LIGHT, TJ

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Health is the Greatest Wealth

Health is Our Greatest Wealth

I created this website in my sincere desire to share all the experience, knowledge and simple techniques, that worked for me, and to share the things that I’ve learned from others which benefited my life.

Its all meant to make our physical life more Empowered, Resourceful, Efficient and at Ease. Also we know that when our physical body is in balance, there is a great chance that our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies will be also.

HipporatesOur physical body is our presence here and now, it’s our temple, where not only our thoughts, words and behavior are factors, but also the root of our body’s overall condition starts from inside— so, to say: ‘Fuel yourself with the dreams and the greens is our ultimate happiness choice.’

For the overall wealth that is our health, truth can be put in few words;
Eat moderately, have a mixed nutrient-filled diet and worry less.

There is also, a saying: ‘The human body is the best picture of the human soul.’

‘If you don’t take the responsibility for yourself, the undertakers will take that responsibility for you’

also the ancient proverb that says:

‘The prevention is the best medicine.’

These are all great quotes that tell us to pay close attention to our eating habits first and foremost.

I myself, as a vegetarian since my teenage years, know that when life gets busy during the week and our daily activities; often there is not enough time to shop, chop, and serve your self always a nutritious meal.

That is to say, when I discovered Purium highly dense and nutrient filled organic products, with no added GMO, no pesticides, no preservatives; all ready, just add to purified water, invigorating foods, I experience total relief.

I experienced great hope for my well being and productivity.
Now, after nearly a year of utilizing Purium products in my daily routine, I feel privileged to admit that it made a major Shift in my life.

I was never able to figure out a great, powerful, nutrients rich breakfast, which now I know, it’s the most important meal of the day! ~

#Organic #Green #SpectrumWith Purium I have a choice of Green Spectrum, infused with organic greens that capture a prism of different wavelength of light and energy from the sun and Purium’s farms mineral rich soil. You can experience the potency of the foods with every sip you take.

My next best choice, for a breakfast is the Scoop of Greens, which also is a blend of organically grown greens and whole grains mixture. The Scoop of Greens is highly recommended for anyone looking to maintain healthy blood glucose levels naturally.

I usually add a scoop of organic Fiber blend to my breakfast super meal. This product actually burns fat. A Key ingredient is “Rice Bran Fiber,” which safely and naturally increases adiponectin (the “skinny hormone”) – helping your body burn fat. This high-quality fiber sources formula is Gluten free.

L.O.V --#LIVE, #ORGANIC, #VEGGANThere is another good choice to start your morning right, with a
L.O.V. Super Meal—(L.O.V stands for Live Organic Vegan), that is composed of 30+ pure, natural, whole food organic, plant based ingredients, and the Super Amino 23, meant to Power your daily routine with the pure, vegan protein, as well.

I realized what made the most difference for me:
1/. These organically grown vegetables are condensed. In one serving of Purium meal, you receive about 5-6 Servings of finest grown organic vegetables or fruits.
2/. I’ve realized that we generally do not have the opportunity to take this much, and enough vegetables, or fruits at once, and in one meal.

When the body receives 5-6 servings of living, plant-based nutrients at once, it gives instant energy and floods the body with vigor and with ‘Get Up and Go’ attitude.

To experience something is to believe in something.
I invite you to try and share Purium products with your family and your loved ones.

You can simply visit the website:
chose the products you wish to try
#50 Gift CodeOn check out, enter the Gift code: wealth33 and receive $50 off your first order (of $75 or more), after that each purchase at wholesale (25% or 15%).
There is no membership or other fees; you’ll only have to create an account in order to shop.

There is a 60-day satisfaction money back guarantee in full, with every product.

I am sincerely very happy for all of us! ~ in LOVE and LIGHT for now! ~

TJ at “Health Fair Wealth

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