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Standing Vs. Sitting by the Computer

Recently, about 3 months ago, I started standing by the computer, while writing, or doing other work on the Internet.
I didn’t want to share my experience with you all, before I was sure I truly, wholeheartedly recommend it. ~

Yes, it is a true improvement standing while working on the computer. I gave it a deeper thought, why is so much more empowering, and this is the summery of my revision.

First of all, It’s the feeling of being ‘on the Go’, and anticipation, while we’re getting some computer work done.

Energy flow is tripled. You feel more connected with Earth below, and the Universe above. Prana is flowing without having to wiggle through the body, so the energy flows, perfectly and evenly, vertically, up and down, as it is suppose to, and its aligned and connected with all Chakras, too.

We may experience our body to feel compact and as one unit!

I realize that I am at least 3 times more productive, and the frequency and energy of my physical body is many more time higher.

I came to my mind when we’re sitting at the desk, while working on the computer, our head and upper body is very ACTIVE, and under pressure, on the other hand legs and lower body are PASSIVE, and not involved at all.

Theoretically, this puts body in complete disharmony.
For those that are not familiar, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Upper part of the body, from the navel up (chest, shoulders, head), is YIN, and lower part of the body, below the nave, and down (abdomen, hips, legs) is YANG.

So, if we’re seating most of our day (8 hours or more),

#Yin and #Yang are #out of #Balance while #seating and #doing #computer work
Besides the disharmony I mentioned, we still have to mind that our spine is straight, and head is parallel to the universe.

our Yin/Yang is out of Balance. We know already that when Yin/Yang is not in Balanced, it can start creating health problems.

On the other hand when Yin and Yang are in relative Balance one is Healthy and Happy!
When we know this simple teaching and its universal principal and laws, we can easily avoid and prevent in this case possible health challenges.

If we are sitting most of our day, disharmony may manifest differently for everyone but for me, and I believe many people experience decline of the energy, and in this way tiredness and possible fatigue.

After just 1-2 hours, I would already be exhausted, and tired, and sleepy?. That is a very short time to accomplish any kind of work, never the less all the work I usually do, that usually takes about 6-8 hours, by the computer.

We all need our energy to be going Up, and off the roof to create the momentum, in anything we do.
So, with standing and working our day out, at the computer, we might FIX this issue, of energy decline.

What I realize, that also happens, while standing and doing computer work.
Some of our mind focus drops from the head, down to the lower part and legs.
We really want that, since our head is already active, and knows what’s to be done, also needs not an additional pressure, right?

By standing part of the stress is delivered, and

#Standing by #computer #desk

distributed to the lower part of the body and our Foundational energy centers, which is super beneficial for well-being, our endurance, and even longevity.

Standing makes perfect sense, since while we’re working we’re getting a sufficient exercise for our physical bodies, as well.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lower abdomen is very significant area for our vitality, immunity and longevity.

Another words, spiritual practitioners spend minimum of 30 minutes, per day, or more is recommended, to build, and develop their Foundational energy centers, for long life and good health.

The body’s TRUNK, whole area from the navel down–2nd and 3rd Chakras, and to the back, where is the Kundalini—this whole area is where our physical energy is coming from.

Can be compered to an engine of the car, but for the human, the engine is the Foundational energy centers, in the lower abdomen,
Our trunk is the foundation for our physical form.

When we’re standing while working, this vital area, our Foundation is developing on auto-pilot.

We are consequently building muscle, the strength, and power in the lower abdomen, which is a place where our true power and strength is coming from.

The truth is it took me about 3 weeks to completely adjust to standing while working by my computer.

I mean for the first week you have to sit for a few minutes, here and there, but after your legs’ muscles adjust, perhaps build up, a little bit,
you will notice when you’ll start building strength in your abdominal muscles, that truly gives an extra power, and fuel to your work constantly.

It feels like we realized ‘an extra mile’ for our productivity, and an inspiration.

So, from Now, I highly recommend standing while working on computers. It made such a big Shift to my productivity, and what I can accomplish in the shorter time span.

I didn’t buy a special computer stand, since I install on my original desk, at once when I have received the idea.

I just piled up two small Yamaha drum cases, they made a perfect height but you can see from the photo on the right,
Walmart makes them, at quite affordable price.
Techni Deluxe Rolling Laptop Stand, Graphite $43.00

I still know, this source of energy and vitality, I am experiencing at this moment in my life, is also due to Purium products, I use every breakfast/early lunch, around 12PM.

Besides, ‘Green Spectrum’ I already shared the experience, I did add ‘Raw organic beetroot Juice’—which is highly condensed beetroot juice. I love beets, and its recommended for building strength and muscle power, and endurance which truly worked that way for me, and my muscle’s adjustment to the standing work flow! ~

#Raw #organic #beetroot #juice

They also make, and especially is good for athletes and body workout, there is maximum Vegan Protein, MVP Sport—it’s additional for keeping the muscles lean and strong! ~ they are both organic, and high quality—condensed plant-based products, so, you truly feel uplifted, and super-vitalized after those drinks.

I am super-in the flow and excited about my work and energy flow these past few months. I am sure lot of this high-positive energies, and frequencies is due to me standing while working and creating content on the computer, also!

I hope you will give it a chance and experience it, too! ~

If you decide to try any of my recommended Purium products, don’t forget to use, $50 Gift Card offer for your first purchase, and 25% off thereafter!
Please, Spread the good news with your friends and family, too! ~

In Love and Light, Tat Jane @ Health Fair Wealth

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