A #Breath to #Health and #Happiness
Exercise and Nutrition

A Breath To Health and Happiness

The most simple and the most practical ways, are the best ways, don’t your agree?

Often, the most profound solutions for any of our challenges are just a ‘breath away’, and most of the time, they are in front of our eyes.
So, the point of taking nice, deep breathes in-between, and often during our day-to-day activities, can do miracles in our lives.

The simple and the most practical, it seems to be my second nature and the theme of my life, so I thought that my guidance, and advice might be beneficial to others, too.

The rule of thumb is to Cut to the Chase (to the Core) as much possible, while not losing the essence of something.

So, the essence of something is a first and primal guidance to me, when I am making up my mind about priorities.

When you look for the essence and whether it is resonating with you, you can hardly get involved in a ‘drama’ of some kind.

I am bringing up the ‘drama’ since a great deal of humanity likes to exaggerate, and amplify life’s situations, and different aspects of life, including challenges.
The point, and the essence of something is usually missed or misunderstood, and I find it useless, and it’s depleting to get involved.
It is useless and wasteful to be involved in ‘a drama’, unless you can assist it in some way, and you can help resolve the issue. …

‘The Big Way Is Extremely Simple’ – this is an ancient proverb, I very much follow in my day-to day activities.

Breathe #Consciously & #InventivelyThis brings to mind one of the great and essential things that we don’t use enough, and it’s available to us freely, and it is our own breath and breathing.

To take some conscious breaths and to breathe intentionally, is the most simple, and yet the most profound activity we can implement during our every-day’s pursuits.

With A FEW deep conscious breaths, in-between our tasks, we can bring in Light and prana of the Universe to our actions, which will surely amplify our own power, and boost our efficiency. ~
This is a simple use of a breath and breathing to help us accelerate further, we can accomplish more through our actions, and more easily.

When we do conscious breathing, we’re accumulating the light, and the forces of the Universe within us, that can help heal and transform our possible issues, and help us grow, even more so, if we put a particular intention towards achieving an outcome.

This is something I do during my day-to-day activities, and I know I benefit from it quite a lot, so I wanted to suggest for you to try it also.
Since, I started implementing more conscious breaths, and when time allows breathing for 3-6minutes at the time, throughout my day, I notice that I am more creative, and my energy is crisper and more focused, so to say I am able get more things done.
I noticed I have more ideas, also on what and how to be a better vehicle of my creations.

We’re all very particular, and have unique strengths, and affinities, and only us, for ourselves we can truly know what is the best for us to do, and how to proceed further on our paths.
Our breath and breathing is our own presence here on mother earth, it connects us to everything, and to the higher powers, we are able to utilize.
For us to be consciously taking some breaths, during the day, means truly to be connected to our essence more, and to be of a better service to others, too! ~

We’re sort of giving our bodies some Love and some attention, by focusing on the breathing, so that they may serve us, and others better and more. ~

What I am trying to express, also is that it is good for us to train ourselves to be sort of a vehicle (so as we are a vehicle to our breaths), to experience things like they are happening through us, not for us.

To experience ‘things’ as they are happening through us, and not particularly for us, is the Key to increase our ability to ‘let go’ of something that does not serve us, more easily.
I see that to experience ‘things’ as they are just the vehicles to us, is a good training for us, not to develop strong attachments to anything, but to understand that our experiences are there just to serve us to move forward, and more quickly, and in this way with less consequences.
I hope this little Tip on using our breaths, and our conscious breathing intentionally inspires you to explore the possibilities of your own breath, and what it can do for your reality.
The Light and prana from the Universe will touch your life, so that itself is most certainly the great benefit.

I’d just suggest one thing. When you’re ready to take conscious breathing breaks during the day, start with an exhale first; then take a breath through your mouth and fill up your belly, first and completely with a breath.
After the belly is filled up, push the air up, slightly and naturally to the rib-cage and the chest (spine will lengthen, naturally, it will also stretch the shoulders outwards); after that you’ll notice the air coming to the back of your throat, and stops there, stop it for few moments there; then slowly exhale.
Extended explanation on this particular technique may be find here.

We do the breathing exercises when we are at the appropriate locations, indoors or outdoors, and when the air is clean, and fresh.
Try this simple breathing exercise it may bring a huge difference in your performance, and it might heal you, where you needed the most.

Pure #Hemp Seed-OilMay this Summer bring us lots of opportunities to consciously breathe the fresh air, the light, and the prana from the universe that is available to us, freely.

May we nourish our souls, hearts, minds and bodies to the rim, and experience our lives in the fullest! ~ ~ ~

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In LOVE and LIGHT, always ~ TJ


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Love, LOVE, LoVe! ~ ~ ~



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