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PLU # for Produce & More on Organics

LOVE U, EveryONE! ~
I’ve noticed that many people are still not familiar and perceptive to a difference between an organically grown, and made products PLU#–Digital Codes from other products.
To make it easier tPLU# for #vegetable, #fruits and #produceo tell wich products are which:
Produce with PLU# 5 Digit starting with #92376 are organically grown.
Produce with PLU# 5 Digit starting with #83490 are GMO or Genetically Modified.
Produce with PLU# 4 Digit starting with #3…. or #4…. are Commercial Grade –Conventionally grown.
Maybe this seizing up can help. ~

I have not yet shared all the details of my ‘secret’ of having a Powerful, super-nutrient condensed organically grown vegetables and plant-based meals daily, for my breakfast and/or light dinner. ~
To make a super powerful meal what I do is:
– In Purium’s Green Spectrum, which is a blend of organically grown GREEN Vegetables mix, I add 1-2 scoops of Green Spectrum with 1/2 glass of plain-organic Soy Beverage, and#Organic Soy Beverage 1/2 a glass of purified water, and mix it. This is for the 8oz -12oz blend–meal.
– I add few oz. of Rolled Raw Oats to the mix, just to make the drink more potent and it’s great for your stomach. I find Green drinks to#Organic Raw #Oats be cleansing but without grains, sort of washing the stomach. So, by adding just an even one oz. of Raw Oats this wouldn’t happen.
Also, I add the chopped fresh ginger root, about 1.5’ to the mixture.
#organic #ginger rootThese together makes a powerful, high on nutrient rich blend, that not only gives you an amazing strength, mind clarity, and ‘get up and GO’ attitude but also keeps your stomach full, and satiates your need for food, up until dinner time. ~ This is my little secret to make out of a potential Drink or ‘shake’, a real meal, which Purium products are indeed, because of their high density, and amounts of Vegetables, and plant-based nutrients they are made of.

Average scoop of ‘Green Spectrum’ or ‘Scoop of Greens’, and or any of the ‘3 Core’ product Power Shakes, contain 5-6 Servings of Fresh Vegetables in them.
I researched the Purium products thoroughly, before I added them to my daily eating regime.
How Purium products can consist of LIVE vitamins, enzymes, and other plant-based nutrients, although in the Powder form? ~
‘Purium’s produce–vegetables, fruits and other plant-based ingrediants, which all products are made of,  are carefully organically grown on a rich soil, and on ‘Purium’s farms. All produce are solely grown by ‘Purium’, and are organically grown.

When the produce reaches the highest potency, they’ve been chopped and ‘COLD AIR DRIED’ on 85 degrees Fahrenheit . This way no vitamins, or enzymes, and other nutrients are lost in the process, and they can have a longer shelf life without the need of additional chemicals and additives to preserve them. This is the Purium’s– PATTERN and ‘secret’ of the potency of their products. ~
I benefited from their foods greatly, and I invite you to try Purium products and experience the power yourself.
#50 Gift Code I have $50 dollars Gift cards for the first purchases, of $75 or more, after the first purchase with this code you’ll have 25% or 15%OFF every time you shop in the future.~~

You’ll be nourished and empowered for your life and your productivity, efficiency, and focus will increase your overall health and wellbeing! ~ Enjoy! ~ ~ ~
in LoVe and LIGHT, TJ

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